Script Builder for Asterisk Call Centers

Indosoft Script Builder for call centers

Indosoft offers a feature-rich script building tool for call centers. Call center administrator can load and remove script pages with ease, thanks to its intuitive layout. With a simple point-and-click method, they can add custom data, text, hyperlinks, URLs, address data, and a host of other functionality like "on-demand" voice recording. The live script preview functionality allows the user to view and edit components prior to the script being created. Users are also able to create their own custom components to tailor scripts to suit any particular application.

Create custom components for your Script:

Custom fields can be created based on your campaign requirements. The short name is a database hook which let you pre-load the data wherever necessary. The data can be text, number, check box or List of Values. These fields can be used to either display or collect data during the call. The script builder can be used to develop and deploy scripts for both inbound and outbound campaigns.

visual script builder for Asterisk contact centers

Create custom scripts by drag and drop:

Build your script by dragging and dropping the components necessary for the script. Insert web based applications which accept command line parameters in the URL to display appropriate information during the call.

drag and drop visual script builder for Asterisk call centers