Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer for contact centers using Asterisk PBX

Indosoft Predictive Dialer for Asterisk

Predictive dialer for live agents

Indosoft call center software Q-Suite offers an advanced feature rich self-pacing predictive dialer tightly integrated with Asterisk capable of running multiple concurrent outbound dialing campaigns. It is an integral part of our multi-tenant call center software suite for Asterisk, Q-Suite. Within this outbound contact center technology platform, Q-Suite provides Agent-Ready dialing, Preview dialing and Predictive dialing. It comes with an integral Script-Builder with tools for creating sophisticated agent customer interactions. Q-Suite has a complete set of lead management tools for managing your lists. With live dashboards and historical live view of the dialing, it will provide detailed agent and list performance.

How can you benefit from the Predictive Dialer?

If your organization makes outbound calls, this dialer will increase productivity and reduce the cost. Often, outbound agents will spend time dialing numbers or listening to phones ringing that never get answered, or busy signals. Indosoft predictive dialer will eliminate this wastefulness by connecting only the successful (or "live") calls, within a fraction of a second. The dialer will intelligently pace, to ensure to maximize the talk time of agents. This dialer is fully customizable to suit your specific needs, with extremely user-friendly management features. You can set the dialer parameters for each campaign individually while running multiple campaigns concurrently. You can turn ON/OFF the answering machine detection per campaign. Indosoft dialer is extremely cost effective and scalable and can grow with your company, providing a quick return on investment. This contact center platform represents remarkable value for money, with sophisticated features that surpass those of much more expensive competitors. With an open architecture and database, you can integrate into your organization's CRM as well as pump warm leads immediately into the dialer. We also offer unparalleled support to our clients to assist in the integration.

How does the Predictive Dialer work?

An efficient predictive dialer can dramatically increase the agent talk. It is importance that the predictive dialer be self pacing with parametric controls to exercise the dialer algorithm. A good predictive dialer can provide live connects within a few seconds from the time an agent wraps up the last call. In order to achieve this, the predictive dialer algorithm has to dial more phone numbers than the anticipated number of agents available to answer the calls. This is can create a situation for dialer to drop calls, should there be no agent available to take a next connected call. An intelligent dialer will pace properly to keep the drop calls to minimum. In United States, F.C.C mandates that the drop call be less than 3% of the total calls connected. Indosoft offers a fully compliant predictive dialer.

Power dialing

Q-Suite predictive dialer can be set to power dial by setting the tolerance for dropped calls to extremely low values. This provides the opportunity to dial collectively for many agents and reduce their wait time between connects without wasting valuable warm leads. The settings can be adjusted to suite your power dialing requirements.

Outbound Contact Center Setup with Q-Suite

Indosoft call center software Q-Suite offers one of the most complete contact center solutions for Asterisk, right out of the box. It has a very sophisticated self-pacing multi-campaign dialer designed to work tightly with Asterisk and a complete campaign manager which will let you control all aspects of your outbound campaign. Q-Suite will take the mystery out of setting up outbound campaigns. 

Outbound Contact Center Features 

  • Campaign Management
  • Lead and List Management
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Customizing Agent Screens
  • Script Builder
  • Integration to your existing systems
  • Dialer controls

Dialer Features

Predictive Dialer Control
Indosoft Predictive Dialer offers an impressive range of features, enhancing the efficiency of your business. These features are particularly remarkable in such an affordable product and they come right out of the box. This dialer can scale to accommodate your requirements and deliver good talk-time for the agents.

  • Individual Predictive dialer setting per campaign
  • Drop-rate Limit
  • Limit call setup per second
  • Allowable Maximum dial-rate
  • Booster rate dialing for low hit-rate
  • Live graph for Agent Status, Dial and Hit-rate, Channel (line) usage

Campaign Management

Outbound Campaign Management
Q-Suite offers you the ability to manage and control your outbound campaign effectively. You can set up an lists, agents, dialer, scripts and dispositions, all from simple intuitive graphical user-interface. These screens are meant to be used by you call center management. You do not require expensive consultants to work on your system every time you need something changed. All your features for outbound campaign management and dialer are right out of the box. 

Key Campaign Features

  • Multiple Concurrent Campaigns
  • Caller ID Name and Number insertion
  • Dropped call recording
  • Multi-Tab script pages
  • Custom Wrap-up (Dispositions)
  • Predictive and Preview Dialing
  • Agent assignment to Predictive dialing

List and Lead Management

Outbound List AND Lead Management
Q-Suite offers you the ability to manage and control your outbound campaign effectively. You can set up an lists, agent dialer, scripts and dispositions, all from simple intuitive graphical user-interface. These screens are meant to be use by you call center management. You do not require expensive consultants to work on your system every time you need something changed. All your features for outbound campaign management and dialer are right out of the box. 

List and Lead Management Features

  • Multiple Lists per Campaign
  • List control to Activate, Pause and Retire Lists
  • Disposition and Scripts per List
  • Lead templates for Loading Lists
  • Call blocking of the DNC List
  • Maintain in-house DNC list
  • Enforcement of Time of the Day regulation
  • Automatic Recycle of Leads for Busy, No-Answer, etc.
  • Export leads to Excel, CSV or directly into database

Agent Interface

Agent Web Interface
Q-Suite offers web browser agent screen that can be customized and controlled using a powerful set of tools available within the call center software. An extremely sophisticated Script Builder for creation of scripts with custom variables and embedded URL like any web enabled CRM or web-sites. Custom disposition or wrap-up codes as well as custom DND codes allow for detailed reporting of agent activity. 

Agent Web Screen Features

  • Configurable Agent Screen
  • Customizable Screen Layout and Contents
  • Customizable Wrap codes/Dispositions
  • Connection within milliseconds, Hear the 1st 'Hello'
  • Custom Break/DND codes
  • Transfers (Blind/3-way/Consultative)
  • Nail-up and Dial-in feature for Voice
  • Multi-page scripts
  • Client - Customer data and custom fields
  • Get and Post data to your custom web CRM applications
  • Embed your Web Application within the Scripts
  • Integrate our CTI into your existing agent screens

If you are one of those companies who have invested in building native application for the agent CRM and want to integrate CTI into it, we provide a comprehensive set of API interface to the call center software suite. Like many of our existing clients, if you are a vertical outbound call center with special application, our API can accommodate and provide all the necessary interface for the agent to be logged in and receive calls based on "predictive dialing" or be in a blended mode. 

Agent .NET API integration
Q-suite offers a very powerful .NET library as well as an OCX library to integrate CTI software into your existing custom and native client applications. The .NET API provides complete access and interface to the call center software and its CTI database. This provides you with the opportunity to make the call center software and its CTI engine to work under the hood with your custom CRM or application. 

Socket API integration
Q-suite offers comes with a socket library to allow easy integration of your existing custom CRM or application to the call center software and its database. If you are looking to migrate your vertical application to Asterisk and need a powerful CTI engine with a fully developed ACD, the Q-Suite socket API will provide all the hooks and interface to this powerful call center software.

Outbound Contact Center Monitoring and Reports

Indosoft call center software offers detailed cradle to grave reporting for your outbound contact center operations. These reports cover every aspect of the contact center operations. Agent performance, lead performance, and dialer performance can be monitored real-time.

Outbound Contact Center Reports

  • Real-time Agent Status
  • Real-time Dialer Status
  • Agent Time Profile
  • Agent Performance Report
  • Agent Disposition & Wrap-up Report
  • Custom Disposition Report
  • List Performance Report
  • Lead List Status Report
  • Call History Report

Outbound Contact Center Monitoring

  • Dialer, List and Channel performance
  • Ability to Listen in on conversations
  • Ability to Listen to Recording

Script Builder

Within the call center software, you will find one of the most powerful web based script builders available for contact center solutions on Asterisk. This script builder tool is invaluable in developing scripts, integrating web applications, and creating custom variables for your outbound campaign or inbound services. With ability to create multiple script pages, it is possible to have surveys and scripts with branching to the different pages. Simple applications like 'Help Desk' or 'Trouble Ticket' are easy to create and integrate into the call center software. You can embed your Web pages and applications with the script with a click of a button. 

Script Builder Features

  • GUI based WYSWYG Script builder
  • Embed Text with data from the leads and system
  • Create different types of custom fields
  • Trigger various actions like call recording
  • Multi-page script with jump from one page to other based on customer response
  • Integrate your web applications
  • Open web application by passing parameters in the command line within the Script Builder
  • Assign Scripts to Lists (outbound) and Queues(inbound)

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