Asterisk CTI Interface with Q-Suite API

Overview - Asterisk CTI Integration with Q-Suite .NET, XML or Socket API & Web Services API for Admin Integration

Q-Suite API for CTI Integration to Contact Center ACD and Phone Services

Integrate Custom Applications with Q-Suite CTI Interfaces for Asterisk

For custom development, Q-Suite offers a comprehensive API library for CTI integration using Asterisk PBX. This library allows easy integration of your custom applications like CRM and ERP to Computer telephony, ACD, Phone services and other Dialer capabilities to to build Call work flow, provide Call pop-ups and Call control as well as incorporate sophisticated Computer Telephony features into your application with Asterisk as the underlying PBX platform. Q-Suite API for CTI integration to Asterisk is available in .NET, XML and Socket libraries. These libraries provide a simple way to incorporate and unleash the power of Q-Suite, one of the most advanced ACD and Dialer to compliment Asterisk, a leader in IP telephony.


Q-Suite Web Services API for Data and Admin Integration to Customer's Applications


Indosoft offers Web Services for business-to-business application integration to Q-Suite 5.5 and above. These function and method-oriented XML-RPC as well as XML DTD over HTTP based Web Services expose existing contact center management functionality available within Q-Suite. External applications can now effectively integrate into Q-Suite's Dialer and ACD management software to automate different aspects of contact center operational management.


How does Q-Suite facilitate Asterisk CTI Integration to ACD, Dialer and Phone Services?


Q-suite is a contact center software with advanced ACD and Dialer capabilities built for Asterisk PBX platform. It is a scalable multi-tenant ACD, Dialer and PBX interface with exhaustive CTI capabilities. Its API library for CTI integration will allow application program developers to incorporate sophisticated Computer Telephony Interface and Features required of an ACD platform with full phone service integration. Contact us to get more details on Q-Suite API for CTI Integration.


Building CTI Integration with Q-Suite ACD, Dialer and Phone services using Asterisk


Q-Suite API is used by organizations to build and setup Asterisk based system or platform requiring a sophisticated phone services with ACD or Dialer requirements. The .NET interface allows building of CTI and ACD functions into mission critical Consoles and special Agent/Operator applications using Q-Suite Call Center ACD. The XML API for CTI integration is useful to incorporate ACD and Dialer integration into existing Web Applications. Socket API allows direct communication with Q-Suite CTI library and can be used to build wrappers for other languages like Java. Both the XML and .NET libraries are wrappers on the Socket library.


Asterisk CTI Integration to ACD

The CTI Interface library provides rich ACD functionality to handle Call Work-flow, Queue Management and Notification, Agent Management and Notification, Agent and Queue Presence as well phone service features like transfers (Blind, Conference and Consultative), Call park, Call retrieve and conference rooms. Q-Suite ACD is ideal for both high volume contact centers requiring automation efficiency in handling calls, like Customer Service, as well as lower volume specialized customer contact centers, which require agility and unique responses like help-lines and hot-desks.

Asterisk CTI Integration to Dialer

Advanced dialer with predictive, progressive and preview mode, customizable wrap-codes, effective list management and good reporting are essential for any outbound call center. Q-Suite API library will provide all the required interface access to take advantage of its rich Dialer functionality. If you have a CRM platform and are looking at CTI integration to your CRM software with Asterisk, Q-Suite CTI library presents a unique opportunity to incorporate mature dialer and outbound customer contact capabilities of Q-Suite ACD and phone service capabilities of Asterisk.

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