ACD for Asterisk

ACD for Asterisk with CTI interface

ACD for Asterisk Call Centers

Why do we need an ACD for Asterisk?

Asterisk is a unique ground breaking open source PBX which is supported through commercial licensing from Digium. It is a highly evolved hybrid telephony switch with both VoIP and TDM interface with ongoing development and product evolution supported by both Digium and the open source community at large. At Indosoft, we have developed a unique mid-tier ACD layer with a well developed set of APIs available in both .NET and socket(TCP/IP) library. If your vertical business domain has a telephony component and you are considering a move to Asterisk for IP telephony requiring a fully developed functional ACD with a complete API, Indosoft offers a compelling CTI interface with a sophisticated ACD for Asterisk that will fulfill most requirements.

What does the Indosoft ACD offer?

With a well developed CTI Interface, the API to Indosoft call center software will enable you to integrate Asterisk using our sophisticated mid-tier layer. Whether you need ACD capability to add or enhance your business application with inbound call taking telephony platform or if you are looking to add an outbound dialing engine, this CTI interface will meet for your application requirements. This mid-tier has all the required components like session management, fully developed ACD with queue management and skills based routing, trunk management. The ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) offers one of the most advanced and complete call center feature-set for Asterisk and lets you treat Asterisk PBX as a CTI switch. Our ACD for Asterisk is a product of many years of development and is in production at various call center sites around the world. We also provide development support to meet any enhanced API functionality requirements to build and drive your sophisticated inbound services. Whether you want skills based routing, call distribution, queue prioritization and call recording or detailed CDR reporting from cradle to grave, it is available within the API interface for your application.

ACD for Asterisk: A mid-tier for Asterisk with CTI interface

Computer telephony board manufactureres like Dialogic and Pika provide legacy CTI hardware boards with a software driver for developers to access through a well defined API. Every PBX built on top of these boards can be unique and they serve different purpose. The core is a DSP based hardware telephony switch. Asterisk on the other hand is a well developed hybrid PBX with a sophisticated telephony switch inside its core. It has a unique design which treats all media (TDM or VoIP) alike from a funtional perspective. Asterisk has revolutionized VoIP PBX and provided innumerable applications to handle telephony and communication tasks. 

At Indosoft, we have developed a unique mid-tier that will allow you to interact with Asterisk like any CTI interface with a set of API available both in .NET and (TCP/IP) socket library.

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