A Scalable, Multi-Channel Contact Center Platform for Asterisk

You had expectations of building your own platform for your customers.

You'd start with Asterisk, or whatever you've already been using. But the feature requirements kept coming in. The complexity spiraled out of control.

All you wanted was a platform for your clients. One that you could brand as your own. Build on top of. And configure the way you like.

We've done that since 1999.

Asterisk is very good for what it does

Lots of people start with Asterisk. It's a fantastic tool. But it does have limitations. Sometimes new features don't work properly. It's tough to scale it properly. 

We started working on Q-Suite before Asterisk was around. Now that it's here, we let it do what it's good at. We let Asterisk make the calls, and continued building our software to do what we needed it to. Q-Suite manages the intelligence, the agents, load balancing, and the other media. Q-Suite manages the queues so we can scale them across servers, mix SMS, chat, email and calls, and handle agents live.

We then added an API so that you can integrate our solution into your systems. White labelling, skinning, and translations give you the means to make the software look the way you want it to, using the language and terms you want. You decide how locked down or open the interface is for your users.

Our Story

In late 1999, a client of ours had a major problem with their call center software. Nothing was working, and they needed something fast. They asked if we could help. 

We did. James Terhune had just been hired, and had taken the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) stream at UNB. He and Rajan Iyengar, the company founder, worked on the problem and got their call center up and running.

In 2000, we launched AQ Server, our call center product. It was the first version of what is now Q-Suite.

Since then, we’ve replaced our own telephony switch with Asterisk, added a ton of features, made it multi-tenant, and partnered with companies around the world. 

For some, Q-Suite is the software they use daily in their contact center.

Others resell it as a white-label product for their own clients; hosted or on-premise.

Integrators use Q-Suite as the basis for their own products and services. Our APIs make it easy to tie our features into their own system. That lets them do what they need to do without having to worry about the problems we've already solved.

What now?

We've been working on Q-Suite for the better part of two decades now, and we're proud of it.

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