Contact center software and technology solution for Asterisk

Welcome to Indosoft Inc, a premier contact center technology solutions provider and developer of Q-Suite, a robust, feature-rich, scalable call center software ACD for Asterisk. Indosoft provides complete computer telephony know-how and turn-key installations for setting up inbound, outbound, and virtual call centers. Indosoft's call center software ACD is also available for license to vertical applications. Q-Suite is designed for multi-tenant deployment and comes with a full-feature ACD and an efficient predictive dialer. The call center software ACD allows easy integration of chat and e-mail.

"Feature-Rich and Scalable Contact Center Software Technology for
Asterisk-Based Call Centers"

Q-Suite's ACD design will fulfill the demands of contact centers wanting to use Asterisk as the PBX for their telephony platform. Its unique ACD for Asterisk provides skill-based routing, queue prioritization, virtual/personal queues, and agent hot-desking. The ACD can scale to multiple Asterisk servers seamlessly with call center growth. Q-Suite's predictive dialer is used for a variety of applications such as collections, fundraising, direct sales, and telemarketing. Script and dialplan builder tools within Q-Suite meet the most complex call center software requirements. The ACD also comes with a .NET and socket interface for easy integration into other products requiring CTI.

Multi-channel ACD for Asterisk

Built from the ground up, Q-Suite is a powerful multi-channel ACD built for using Asterisk as the telephony platform in building scalable Cloud contact center solutions. Read more about Q-Suite ACD...

Predictive Dialer

Indosoft Call Center Software Q-Suite offers a multi-campaign, self-pacing, compliant and efficient Predictive Dialer which connects agents to customers without delay. More on our Dialer...

Script Builder

Q-Suite offers a powerful and easy-to-use Script Building tool to develop sophisticated agent-customer interaction scripts with ease of integration to web based CRM and external databases.

Fail-Safe High Availability

With its fail-safe call recovery, Indosoft offers high availability to mission critical call centers with the ability to preserve and continue communicating without dropping ongoing calls in the event of a failure.